Anti-virus software is designed to prevent the virus' from being installed on your device. One of the ways it does this is by analysing the reputation of the software. 

This can inadvertently flag software unknown to antiviruses as malicious. 

If this happens to you, rest assured that you can continue to install PSEngine by simply temporarily disabling your antivirus for the duration of the installation as follows:

Please first read any documentation regarding "unblock 3rd party apps". These instructions are an approximate guideline, and these can change between different versions of your anti-virus.

The AVG software protects your computer with a variety of different apps and components. We need to load up AVG Real-time protection:

  1. Open the AVG Program
  2. On the tools menu, click Advanced settings.
  3. Click "Temporarily disable AVG protection" in the menu on the left hand side
  4. Select the "Temporarily disable AVG protection check box, and then click okay.
  5. Choose how long you want the protection to be disabled, and whether to disable the firewall as-well. Click disable real-time protection.

Norton products may prevent you from having the correct permissions, and throws the error "You do not have permission to run this application". when you try to open the PS Engine installer. This is caused by a "false flag" by Norton anti-malware products. This can be resolved by: 

  1. Double click on the PSEngine installer
  2. This will cause a Windows alert displaying a permissions error. In the bottom right hand corner there will be a Norton pop-up stating that the installer has been blocked.
  3. In that window, click "view details". This will load up the full Norton program. It will then ask you: "Do you want to add this installer to the safe application list". You need to click "yes".
  4. The pop up box will close once the PSEngine installer has been added to the safe list. Then you can close the Norton program window.
  5. Double click on the PSEngine installer. This will now install. 

ESET Internet Security/Antivirus is tested and found not to cause any issues. However depending on the intensity of your settings, this may trigger it's protection.

To temporarily disable protection so you can install PSEngine:

  1. Open ESET Internet Security/Anti Virus
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Click on the arrow next to Computer Protection
  4. Toggle the slider next to "Real-time file system protection"
  5. Install PSEngine
  6. Re-enable "Real-time file system protection" by toggling the slider back to it's former position.

Last updated 11/09/2020