The properties function within PSEngine is a powerful tool to allow searching for investment properties and carry out tasks that would normally take up too much of your time. Allowing you to focus on the right properties in the right areas.

PSEngine property software makes it easy to run complex searches to find properties that meet the specific requirements of investors. A single search on PSEngine will analyse all the properties listed on the UK’s 3 leading property portals – Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket.

Comprehensive search filters and algorithms are used to identify the particular property types you or your investors are interested in OR crucially, NOT interested in and thus, filter out. That includes:

Algorithmically Tagged Listings:

Refurb – Properties that require refurbishment

Plot – Properties that can be extended or have land

Knotweed – Properties that are affected by Japanese Knotweed

Empty – Properties that are currently empty

Repossession – Properties that have been repossessed

Cash-Only – Properties that can only be purchased in cash

Auction – Properties that are being sold at auction

HMO – Properties that are shared by more than one household

Probate – Properties of a deceased homeowner

Online Viewing – Properties with online viewing availability

Portfolio – Properties that are part of a large portfolio

Auction Unsold – Properties that failed to sell at auction

Tenanted – Properties with current tenants

Online Auction – Properties being sold at an online auction

Full Planning – Land or properties with planning permission

Investment – Properties that are recommended by estate agents for investment purposes

Shared – Shared ownership properties

Retirement – Properties owned by retirees

New Home – New build properties

Easily Identify:

For Sale and Rental – Properties listed for sale AND rental

Multiple Agents – Properties that are listed with 2+ agents

Potential Negative Equity – Automated check of sold price against listing price for potential

negative equity

Lease Lengths – Search for properties based on lease length

Relisted – Properties that are back on the market following a failed offer or sale

Price Reductions – Any price changes for the listing

Freehold – Only show properties without known leasehold lengths

Time on Market – How long the listing has been live for

To begin, you can select either of the aforementioned filters on the left-hand side. Clicking search now will simple search the entire United Kingdom. Alternatively, you can use the Polygon Tool to draw an area that you would like to search. This area must be less than 150miles². The Polygon Search checkbox will be selected showing that the search will take place within this area. Deselect or delete your drawn shape if you wish to do a broad search.

You can also access your Favourites by clicking the 'Heart' icon in the top right corner of the filter and results view.

All the properties that meet the terms of the search will be brought together on a single interface in the Results tab and on the mapping interface. 

The Results tab shows results in both an easy to view card format as well as a data-driven tabular format. Clicking the top-left icon allows switching between the two views.

The card view aims at bringing a familiar view as well as highlighting the main aspects of each property listing. You can order the listings by specific criteria in the top-right drop-down.

The cards include 'badges' to highlight things such as reduced amount, Sale/Rent properties, Negative Price amount and so on.

The 'O','R' and 'Z' on the cards refer to the source of the listing.

>On the bottom of the cards, you can see icons that represent the tags, you can hover your mouse over these to see what they refer to. These include:

3+ Months
Auction Unsold
Cash Only
Full Planning
New Home
Online Viewing
Online Auction
Shared Ownership

By clicking the More button in card view OR simply clicking the view in table mode, you will be taken to the analysis, detail, and mail sending page as detailed below

An example of the tabular view below. Scroll horizontally and vertically to navigate this table. It contains the same data as the card view/'More' page, but simply in a different view. 

By using CTRL or SHIFT or COMMAND (Mac) you can multi-select the cards, rows or map markers. The corresponding property in all other views will be highlighted. On a tabular view, doing this also functions as a selection to send your direct mail by clicking the Mail Icon which will bring up the common Send Dialogue.

PSEngine works hard to identify the address of the property, automatically. So you can get in touch and find out more by sending direct mail, instantly. 

If PSEngine doesn't display the address, it's unlikely to even be manually found unless you look at street view independently. 

Even then, you can quickly edit the address on the Send Dialogue to send your mail piece.

Each listing will contain information about the property, such as how long it’s been on the market, details of any price reductions with history, whether it’s available for sale AND rental, listed with multiple agents or if it has been relisted plus more.

You can analyse the property as a prospective investment with the click of a button. The price of the property will be graphically compared with sold and live listings that are up to one kilometre away. 

As above, you can select the historical data you would like to use (up to 5 years), the radius you'd like to analyse, bedrooms, price and property type and click the Analyse icon.

All fields are changeable; you may want to analyse the same area if you plan on adding extra bedrooms or for analysing your offer price and not the default asking price that is populated in the price field by default.

The analysis chart displays two formats. A Market Value chart that compares the price against other properties Live and Sold properties within the time frame and radius's you have selected.

Results are presented as %. Hovering over the bar chart shows the exact value compared to other properties, as well as the number of properties compared against in order to achieve that figure. 

A Price chart compares the same but presents the Current price against the Minimum, Average, Maximum prices of Live and Sold properties within your time frame and distance selections.

It's a great way to quickly assess value before further due diligence.

You can analyse deals super quickly with PSEngine's built-in deal analyser.