The Mapping screen within PSEngine acts as a central powerful view to the accompanying feature set of PSEngine.

  1. Focus the map on a particular area by typing the name in the location here to quickly navigate the map.
  2. This is the Drawing tool that allows searching particular areas and measuring the map areas.
  3. This simply refreshes and resets the map view.
  4. This expands/minimizes the map view to full width.
  5. This shows a drop-down of the views, layers, and markers to toggle on/off in view.
  6. This is the powerful and unique Plot Size Filter which allows you to filter out/in plots of land of a particular size.

Let's look more at the drawing tool. This allows you to draw shapes to either search for properties within or to measure the area. Simply click and draw the shape you require, clicking multiple points when drawing a polygon. Clicking the first point closes the shape.

The Views/Layers drop-down allows toggling of a variety of options

  • Switch between Satellite and Street map view.
  • Enable/Disable Planning Markers
  • Enable/Disable showing of you drawn area/polygon
  • Enable/Disable showing of postcode markers when using Mail Marketing feature
  • Enable/Disable showing of property markers when using Properties feature
  • Enable/Disable showing of property boundaries (outlined in blue)

You can filter the map property boundaries by size. This is great if you are looking for development plots of a certain size. Click the Plot Size Filter(6) and use the enter the plot sizes you wish to view. This is written in acres and you can use decimal values i.e. 5-10 Acres OR 0.2-0.5 Acres

Only plots that match your filtered criteria will now be highlighted. The pop-up will show the size and Inspire ID ownership data. You can subsequently purchase the title deed and import it to send your direct mail in minutes.