There are times when you would like to quickly and effectively target a general area with Direct Mail, in order to increase lead generation.

These may include:

  1. You've spotted an empty property and after purchasing the title deeds, but the owner is still uncontactable. 
    1. Draw an area around the property, and send out mail pieces to neighbouring properties offering referral rewards to those who help you locate the owner.
  2. You simply want a quick and effective way to send out letters to offer to purchase properties.
  3. You want a more formal and less intrusive way to mass market your services when compared to leafletting.
  4. You want to structure a campaign over a period of time and this area is too small to leaflet.
  5. You want to have full control over what you send.
    1. You can send as many or as little as you need, adjust designs or text easily and vary the templates incredibly easily and quickly.

As you can see, there are many benefits to this feature over standard leafletting.

Firstly ensure that you have setup the software for getAdress. Navigate to the Mail Marketing tab and on the mapping interface, draw the area you wish to send direct mail to.

Next, Click the Find Postcodes button which will reveal all of the postcodes within your drawn area. Using Ctrl or Command & Left Click or simply selecting from the list, you can select individual postcodes to narrow down your area even further

Once satisfied with your area, click Get Addresses and all of the addresses in those selected postcodes will be revealed.

You can now select precisely which addresses in this street, that you would like to send mail to. There are a number of ways to do this.

  1. Select each address by hand in the list
  2. Select the number of addresses you wish to send to and click Select Random to send to a random selection.
  3. Select All

It is now simply a case of clicking Send Mail and the standard Send Dialog will be shown