PSEngine's Mail Marketing feature allows you to target properties inside a polygon of any size. Once the polygon is drawn, PSEngine retrieves all the postcodes and addresses under those postcodes.

So now you can send mail to all, a selection and a number specified random selection.

Ideal scenarios for Mail Marketing include plans like:

  • A quick and effective way to mass market your services to offer property purchase or rental services opportunities.
  • A more formal and less intrusive way to make contact customers compared to leafleting.
  • To structure a campaign over a period of time that may be too small to leaflet.
  • Full control over what you sent - You can adjust designs or text easily, and vary the templates used with a few button clicks.

As you can see, there are many benefits to this feature over standard leafleting.

Firstly ensure that you have setup the software for GetAddress. We have a full wiki article GetAddresses Integration to help guide you through this process.

To begin, select the polygon drawing tool in the top left of the map screen, and then clicking point-to-point you can draw up-to 150sq miles.

Next, Click the Find Postcodes button which will reveal all of the postcodes within your drawn area.

Once satisfied with your area you can use one of two methods to select postcodes you wish to retrive the data. The easiest method is to click the envelope on the map, which precisely shows you which area that postcode will cover. 

Otherwise if you know the specific postcodes you wish to target then you can click the tick-box on the left hand side of that postcode on the function screen.

To select properties you have a few options again:

  • You can tick each individual property or tick the postcode to select some or all of the properties of that postcode.
  • The select all button at the bottom right of the function screen will, as it implies, select all the properties that you have retrieved
  • Or by typing a number in the box on the bottom right and clicking Select Random, it will select that many random properties you have retrieved.

It is now simply a case of clicking Send Mail and the standard Send Dialogue will be shown