The Mail Marketing feature inside PSEngine utilises the premier integration GetAddress to provide the latest up to date information.

In order to get this data you need to create a free GetAddress account and connect it to your PSEngine app a simple process. 

First you need to create a free account on GetAddress

Simply click the Get API key, enter your email address and accept. No marketing data and no need to register any more information. 

If your email address is correct then you will receive an email containing and your API key and Administration key.

The email may get caught up in your spam so it is worth checking.

Inside PSEngine click on Get Address under the Config menu:

The GetAddress configuration will load up showing you three fields:

Account name: Simply the name you wish to associate with this particular key. Such as "Address Key"

API Key: Simply where you paste the code labelled "API Key" from the email. 

Administration Key: Again, simply where you paste the code labelled "Administration Key" from the email.

Please not that if you are upgrading from PSEngine 3.07 then you may need to add the Administration key to your Config from the GetAddress site. Information on this can be provided by the GetAddress team.

Once filled out, simply click the close button on the top right corner and the key will now be sucessfully registered with your PSEngine app.