If you plan on using the Mail Marketing function, then you will need to set up a getAddress account. This integration allows you to draw an area on a map, down to street level should you wish and quickly extract all of the addresses within your drawn area. 

You can send direct mail marketing to these properties from within the software. To find out more about how this feature works, and it's benefits, see the features section.

Depending on the number of letters you will be sending, subscribe to the plan you wish directly with getAddresses.io

A ‘request’, by their plan terms, is deemed as a request for all addresses belonging to a postcode. i.e. request all addresses in 20 postcodes = 20 requests regardless of the number of addresses returned. We recommend that for those looking to get the most out of mail marketing consider the paid getAddress accounts. 

Once you have your API key you can enter it under Config | GetAddress. You can add multiple if you would like to keep separate accounts.

Congratulations, you can start using the Mail Marketing feature.